m1nd-set marks 15th anniversary with new logo and corporate identity

Swiss travel retail research firm m1nd-set is marking its fifteenth anniversary with a refreshed corporate identity, new logo and redesigned website at m1ndset.com.

Still in its signature pink, the new logo accentuates the travel-centric nature of m1nd-set’s business with the new tagline “research beyond borders” and an upward pointing airplane.

Both elements have been added to highlight the global nature of the business, as well as the agency’s trademark customer service approach to business, says the company.

Co-founded in early 2007 by CEO Dr. Peter Mohn with former partner David Perroud (who sold his stake in early 2020), m1nd-set has grown to be the industry leader in travel and travel retail research over the past 15 years.

The company has built an exclusive global database of over 750,000 international travelers from more than one hundred nationalities, all of whom have been recruited at airport departure gates.

This sizeable database, along with m1nd-set’s Business 1ntelligence Service (B1S) datamining tool, has enabled the agency to service 115 clients over the past decade and a half, with detailed consumer insights through both tracking and ad-hoc research projects.

m1nd-set is also able to offer clients unique and exclusive access to international travelers through airside access in more than 60 airports worldwide.

m1nd-set’s clients include airline manufacturers, airlines, airports, retailers and brand-owners from all categories in global travel retail, located across all continents.

Research beyond borders

Anna Marchesini, Business Development Head at m1nd-set, who coordinated the rebranding process, explains the new branding concept.

“Among the most regular feedback our clients give us is the way in which we at m1nd-set go out of our way to meet clients’ needs and surpass their expectations. The ‘research beyond

borders’ tagline in the logo also reflects this reputation m1nd-set has earned over the past fifteen years — that we regularly go beyond the call of duty,” she says.

Tracking airline satisfaction

In addition to the shopper insights, m1nd-set has developed the world’s largest syndicated airline satisfaction program, which it has conducted in partnership with IATA since 2010. More than 25 leading airlines subscribed to m1nd-set’s exclusive “airs@t” program until the pandemic hit the airline industry.

Continued focus on TR

CEO Peter Mohn points out that its focus on travel retail has helped it weather the travel standstill caused by the pandemic:

“We founded m1nd-set when marketing intelligence and in-depth shopper insights in travel retail were relatively rare and used only infrequently. We have grown our business essentially around travel retail however, and the travel retail shopper insights specialization has been an incredibly strong growth pillar for us.

“Had we diluted our business to. conduct consumer research across other sectors, we would not have been able to bounce back from the pandemic with the healthy recovery we are currently seeing,” he said.

Clara Susset, m1nd-set’s Chief Operating Officer, who joined m1nd-set nine years ago, explain-ed how shopping changes will make this research even more critical: “The global pandemic has brought about a significant shift in behavior among all shopper segments.

“Travel retail industry stake-holders need reliable and relevant shopper insights on consumer behavior in the context of this pandemic, which continues to impact the way consumers are planning their travel and shopping when traveling.”

Mohn added: “The past six months have been very positive for m1nd-set and we are pleased to start the new year with three additional members of the team starting early 2022.

“We look forward to further positive revival of the business as we continue to service the industry with our insights and the new events part of the business, the successful TR Consumer Forum, the second edition of which will take place in September 2022.”