Mars ITR Summer Campaign aims to inspire retail staff and increase consumer engagement


MARS International Travel Retail (MITR) has launched an exclusive limited edition giftwith-purchase offer that looks to do even better than its highly successful M&Ms Mega Beach Ball promotion that ran last year.

 The 2014 program gives travelers the chance to own one of five different colored M&Ms watches, available with every three Maxi M&Ms pouches purchased.

 Last year’s winning team was DFA Punta Cana, with Qatar Duty Free coming in second and Tallink Silja third. “At Punta Cana airport in the Dominican Republic the fun and engaging M&Ms Mega Beach Ball promotion resulted in a massive sales uplift for the brand and we were delighted with the results,” says MITR Marketing Director Lieke

Duijmelings. “Retail staff across the globe bought into the idea and we saw some brilliant executions on the shop floor,” she added. “There were some incredibly impactful presentations and we were really impressed at the enthusiasm

with which staff worked to maximize the effect of the promotion.”

 DFA’s Supply Manager and Confectionery Buyer Yorvis Y. Campines said: “It was a great partnership between DFA and MITR resulting in a great big impact promotion. It increased not only category sales but also sales of the store overall.”

For 2014, MITR is incentifying shop floor staff through a competition with a top prize of $1000. “We’re challenging retail staff to really get behind this promotion and create excitement on the shop floor,” says Duijmelings.

 “We provide the tools, including a fabulous POS pack of merchandising materials with posters, stackable cubes, shelf

talkers and other accessories – then it’s up to the individual teams to create the most original, fun and inspiring displays to help increase sales.”

 Teams are encouraged to take photos of the displays and send them into MITR head office for judging. Apart from the top prize of $1000, there are also second and third prizes of $500 and $250 and all three teams are treated to a night out on the town. Five different M&M’s watch models are available; each with its own individual design to match the personalities of the famous characters: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange.