Mercedes Benz extends Club fragrance line

Mercedes Benz Club Intense

Mercedes Benz Club Intense

In December 2015, Mercedes Benz launched two new versions of the original Club fragrance: Club “Fresh” and Club “Extreme,” presented in attractive new packaging that follows the latest color trends: Matte metalized blue and matte metalized dark grey bottles.

In February, Mercedes Benz MAN will be launched. This new fragrance targets men from 20 – 40 years old with a very contemporary and ultra-sophisticated scent, packaged in a high tech bottle with a unique silhouette in a soft-touch matte black and the emblematic Star on the center.

“MAN received a great response from the industry in Cannes and we are very confident it will have the same result with the final consumer,” says Arnaud de Volontat, who distributes the brand through his company Altimetre.

The Mercedes Benz fragrances have received a very positive reception in the Caribbean and Latin America since they were introduced at the beginning of last year, reports de Volontat.

“We are competing in sales very closely with Men’s fragrances that are well established in our industry,” says de Volontat.

“Local operators are very happy with the sell-out due to the quality of the product (scents and packaging) and the price positioning. And the name has great recognition worldwide (#10 in branding). Any product that has the name Mercedes Benz always delivers excellence!

“Mercedes Benz is present in all Central America with Grupo Wisa, and in the Caribbean with Penha and other local customers. In South America, we have opened a few accounts with local duty free operators at the borders in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, with more opening this year.”

De Volontat reports that Club is the best seller, followed by Men Intense. The women’s fragrances Eau and Rose have also performed above expectations and now account for 25% of the mix.