Nestlé puts KitKat in focus with whimsical “Travel Break” themed eye masks and sharing bags

Starting with whimsical KitKat eye masks and interactive social media campaigns, Nestlé International Travel Retail will build on the global success and double digit growth it enjoyed for its Kit Kat brand in 2014 with fun new products, activations and internet exposure in 2015.

The new campaign for the KitKat “Travel Break Sharing Bag” asks travelers, “What’s your favorite break?” while offering them travel retail exclusive sharing bags with 31 mini KitKat “2-finger bars” per pack. The bags represent one of four types of travel breaks: Beach, City, Chic or Globe Trotting.
To help promote the launch of the sharing bags, NITR will offer a gift with purchase for the first three months of 2015 in the form of whimsical KitKat eye masks that match the travel break themes. Travelers are encouraged to take photos of themselves with the masks and share them on social media.
Additional promotional events and activities are planned at selected key airports. NITR Global Sales Manager Alan Brennan comments “We believe, that this KitKat promotion will capture the imagination of the shopper, resulting in greater engagement, increased buyer conversion, that will deliver incremental sales growth for the brand, confectionery category and ultimately for our retail partners.”

NITR Marketing Manager Frédérique Rosier states, “KitKat will be our number one focus in Travel Retail during 2015 and our mission will be to help ‘Travel Breakers’, turning boring waits at the airport into fun times. In line with the new global KitKat campaign, we really want to celebrate ‘the Breakers’ Breaks’ through all our customer activities, promotions and exclusive launches. We really aim to own the ‘break territory’ in Travel Retail next year and are confident our new KitKat lines will work as excellent sales drivers!”

Additionally, NITR will offer new KitKat Mini CHUNKY Snack Bags, Travel Retail exclusive Nestlé Swiss in bars, sharing bags, or gift boxes, and Nestlé Mix Sharing bags in a variety of options. For SMARTIES, NITR is offering TR exclusive Disney Cars and Frozen Gift Boxes.

Kit Kat

All of these new products and promotions will be offered through NITR’s shopper-centric Perfect Store concept which in 2015 offers a new digital library designed to provide information on confectionary sales to assist airports and retailers to improve their category results. The Perfect Store also focuses on store activations and improved layout and merchandising, and looks at case studies showing results based on past realizations. The digital library will be updated as new insights, actions, and results become available.