“On The Move” with Montblanc unveils a new vision of mobility

A powerful presence on stage, television and screen, actor Cillian Murphy’s work has taken him all over the world, making him an apt choice for Montblanc’s On the Move Mark Maker.

Luxury Maison Montblanc has released a new cross-category collection inspired by different aspects of mobility, which is at the heart of Montblanc’s DNA: the way we move inspires the mark we make.

Under the banner of its What Moves You Makes You global brand platform, Montblanc aims to inspire people to live a life of purpose and passion, leaving a mark on the world by following what truly moves them.

“Montblanc has also always understood the power of mobility, to move freely not just physically, but moving ahead to grow and ultimately thrive. With this new campaign, we are encouraging a new generation of Montblanc customers to get out and move with passion, curiosity and style, as they pursue what truly matters to them in life,” explains Vincent Montalescot, Montblanc CMO.

The campaign – which went live this week on August 24th, features Montblanc Mark Maker and actor Cillian Murphy who has moved through life making his own bold decisions, choosing his own direction on his path to success.

In the hero film, Cillian Murphy can be seen moving through a world that moves in a different direction to everyone else’s. By doing so, he reveals that following one’s passions is likely the right direction to move in.

Created by award-winning agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and executed by director Ian Pons Jewell, it shines new light on a seemingly every day journey and marks an evolution for the brand as it articulates its vision for mobility.

Featuring writing instruments, leather goods, connected technologies and timepieces, the collection includes finely crafted companions to inspire people to follow their own path and accompany them on their journey, says the company.

Cillian Murphy is seen sporting the Montblanc Extreme 3.0 backpack with climbing-inspired lock. Further products featured include a StarWalker BlackCosmos writing instrument, the new Summit 3 smartwatch and the 1858 GMT watch.  See the campaign films here: https://www.montblanc.com/en-us/discover/campaign/what-moves-you-makes-you

Montblanc Extreme 3.0 leather goods revisits its signature collection for active and fast paced lifestyles with new formats and an original leather design inspired by the company’s groundbreaking marketing visuals from the early 20th century.

Conceived for life on the move, urban exploration and work adventures, the Montblanc Extreme collection was designed to withstand the demands of everyday travel by pushing the boundaries of technical innovation to achieve new heights of durability and performance, balancing functionality with distinctively sleek, contemporary styling.

The Montblanc Extreme 3.0 collection features a new leather texture, and trendy, functional shapes influenced by the Bauhaus style of the 1920s.

With a focus on the environment, the collection uses leather obtained from a CO2 neutral tanning process and lining made from recycled fibers.

The Montblanc Extreme motif features a bigger treatment for bags and a smaller one for small accessories available in signature Montblanc Black and an eye-catching British Green, paired with metal fittings in black.

The iconic Montblanc emblem has also been enlarged. Three bags and a belt in the collection feature an innovative M LOCK 4810 closure inspired by the climbing world.

The collection includes backpacks, document cases, chest and sling bags, envelopes and laptop cases, as well as a variety of small leather goods, accessories and belts.

Collections featured in the campaign are available at Montblanc boutiques worldwide and online. For more information, visit www.montblanc.com