Refreshed Traveler rollouts the Travel Safety Kit™- Sold by major U.S. and Canadian retailers, proceeds are given to charity helping youth affected by suicide

Refreshed Traveler, inventor of the Travel Safety Kit, is now targeting travel venues with its affordable product line aimed at helping travelers protect themselves from COVID-19 and other infections while on the go.

The TSA-compliant travel safety kits, which feature a range of personal health and wellness products, are manufactured at the brand’s Florida-based warehouse and sold both online and at big-box retailers including Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond stores in both the U.S. and Canada.

Airport and travel venues are next on the launch agenda, company founder Peter T. Cook tells TMI.

The original kit pre-dates the current pandemic, since Cook came up with the concept of the brand while he was traveling in 2018. During his trip he caught a cold and discovered at multiple airports that no convenient grab & go safety kits existed, which led him to create the first Travel Safety Kit™.

Part of the company mission is to give back, and proceeds from the brand’s profits are donated to the Largest Heart, a 501c3 charity Cook founded to raise funds for suicide awareness and helping those who have lost family to its devastating impact.

Cook says that Refreshed Traveler kits currently contain the market’s only individually wrapped 4-ply carbon filter face masks, which reflects the brand’s quality. The Travel Safety Kit™ includes  a TSA compliant clear zipper bag, 1) 4-ply carbon filter face mask individually wrapped, 2 fl. oz. antibacterial hand sanitizer with Aloe, (10) antibacterial Wet Wipes, and (10) 3-ply facial tissues.

Kits range in price from $9.95 to $24.95 (USD) or individual items may be purchased separately online. All kits are assembled and packaged at Refreshed Traveler’s U.S. headquarters based in Apopka, Florida, where 16 people are employed.

In less than one year, Refreshed Traveler’s sales for the Travel Safety Kit™ has exploded by 10,000%, a result of high quality products and being first to market in the U.S. and Canada before the pandemic in 2020 occurred. Proceeds from Refreshed Traveler’s kits are donated to the charity, Largest Heart, a 501c3, which sponsor youths impacted by a family member’s suicide.