Spirits company Blue Caterpillar expands GTR portfolio with Revanche Cognac partnership

Blue Caterpillar, LLC, the boutique spirits distribution company founded by well-known travel retail executives Michael Gebrael and Christoph Henkel in 2021, announces a new partnership with The Water Group, LLC (TWG) for the distribution of Revanche Cognac in Global Travel Retail.

The highly-awarded Revanche is a hand-crafted, quality blend of select vintages, in a proprietary blend of VS, VSOP and XO, made with the finest grapes from Cognac, France. Revanche – meaning “revenge” in French – was ideated by partners Gigi Olah and Kim Birkedal Hartmann following the successful launch of their first Cognac brand, Conjure.

“Blue Caterpillar is proud to be a part of the Revanche Cognac journey to continue its remarkable growth trajectory in the Global Travel Retail channel. The brand has managed to deliver on every single aspect of the experience, incredible blend to indulge on taste, from a branding perspective, second to none and has a team that is nimble and relentless in driving success,” said Michael Gebrael, BC’s Co-Founder & CEO. “BC & TWG are very passionate for sustainable growth and the contribution we can make to this industry through meaningful innovation.”

“Revanche Cognac is thrilled to partner with Blue Caterpillar LLC as our Global Retail Channel Partner as their business and standards are aligned with our distribution strategy to expand the brand’s footprint,” said Gigi Olah, CEO and Partner at TWG.

Dedicated to unlocking value for its brands partners and retail customers, BC focuses on its scalable technology solutions, transparency, category management approach, and extensive associate training to enable brands with the opportunity to really tell their stories to the end consumer at the point of sale.

Revanche launched in the US and Europe in late 2019 and has been working to extend its distribution from the East Coast into the western markets and most recently into Global Travel Retail.

For more information, go to http://www.bluecaterpillarfarm.com/