Suzanne Somers Companies partners with WorldclassBrands for global TR distribution

Travel retail specialist WorldclassBrands has partnered with the SUZANNE SOMERS Companies to distribute Suzanne Somers’ best-selling health, wellness, and beauty products at travel retail locations around the world.

Suzanne Somers

After her passing in 2023, Somers left behind a legacy as an entertainer and entrepreneur. A savvy businesswoman, Suzanne

Somers was one of the very first celebrity brands to understand and apply the power of infomercials and shopping on television. It started with record-breaking sales of the ThighMaster, followed by her weight loss program, beauty items, apparel, jewelry and person-al fitness products on shopping channels. Over three decades, Somers became one of the biggest success stories in TV shopping his-tory. In the last decade, SOMERS Companies modernized to direct-to-consumer sales through her social media channels, which funneled to her highly successful site,, with over 1,000 products and a loyal customer base.

     Alan Hamel, Chairman & CEO of SOMERS Companies, who co-founded the company with Somers, stated, “There is more interest today than ever in Suzanne’s pro-ducts. Her legacy is that millions of women learned about the importance of clean beauty by reading her books and watching her shows. In addition to our product lines, Suzanne wrote 27 books, mainly on health and wellness, which have been translated into many languages across the globe. Her readers and social media followers are global and there is demand for our products in many countries where people seek organic, toxic-free beauty alternatives, nutrition items, and supplements to maintain good health. WorldclassBrands has direct access to these customers, and we are thrilled to expand our line worldwide with them. We are a great fit.”

“This partnership with SUZANNE SOMERS Companies is a significant milestone for WorldclassBrands,” said Lenny Di Cristofano of WorldclassBrands. “SOMERS Companies’ dedication to quality, innovation, and ethical business practices is in perfect harmony with our own values.”

WorldclassBrands provides international distribution to over 50 major airlines, the cruise industry, and more than 400 individual duty free locations.

About SUZANNE SOMERS Companies: provides organic, clean beauty, plus health and wellness products made with high quality, targeted ingredients. All products are made with natural botanical extracts, enzymes, skin-nurturing antioxidants, plus organic and toxic-free ingredients to improve health and wellness.