T Brands ready to bring premium new brands to Caribbean post-virus

Caribbean and Latin American spirits and wine specialist T Brands had been looking forward to introducing some new unique premium spirits brands at the Summit of the Americas, Tom Browne, T Brands owner tells TMI.

“We had some great news to bring to the trade that I was really excited about, such as the award-winning Purity Vodkas and Purity Mediterranean Citrus Spritz, Coppa Cocktails, and Sloane’s gin,” says Browne.

“The cancellation of the Summit for a small company like mine really hurts, because at the show I am able to sit down with 20+ current and potential customers over the course of a few days.”

Business in the Caribbean was picking up when COVID-19 hit the cruise industry in the region, he said.

“On a five year basis the Caribbean numbers were turning in the right direction. 2019 was better than 2018 and it looked like 2020 was going to be better than 2019. We got the rug pulled out from underneath us.”

In Orlando, T Brands was launching Purity Vodkas, three Swedish vodkas, which are made from organic wheat and malted barley, the heart distilled 17, 34 or 51 times. Purity Connoisseur 51 Reserve was recognized as the World’s Best Tasting Organic Vodka with a Double Gold Medal in the 2019 International Spirits Challenge, Best Vodka in the World IWSC 2017 and Best Vodka USC 2017.

The new Purity Mediterranean Citrus Spritz is produced with the same spirit distilled 34 times to 30% ABV and infused with natural grapefruit, orange and bergamot flavors.

Purity Nordic Dry, Old Tom and Navy Strength Gins will be available later in 2020.

Sloane’s Gin is handcrafted in small batches individually, distilling botanicals such as juniper berries and iris root, coriander, angelica root, cardamom pods and liquorice root and whole vanilla beans, married with fresh citrus oranges and lemons. The gin won the San Francisco Spirits Challenge with a Double Gold and the World’s Best White Spirit Awards in 2011 and 2012.

Coppa Cocktails are new innovative pre-mixed ready to pour cocktails, which Browne says are perfect for bars and restaurants in the Caribbean.

Representatives from these spirits companies were going to be on-hand at the T Brands booth in Orlando. Browne had hoped to build on the success of Egan’s Irish Whiskies and Cocalero Herbal Liqueur, which T Brands presented at the 2019 Summit of the Americas.

“The response to Egan’s and Cocalero last year was very positive. We sold out of the Egan’s limited edition we showed last year. Cocalero is a niche brand that I think has great opportunities in the Caribbean and Latin America.”

When travel begins again in the region, Browne believes he has the right spirits portfolio for the Caribbean and Latin America.

“I want to bring a complete offering of unique and premium products to the market place. I’m not a brand collector. I like to focus on one brand in each category. I think T Brands has a good mix in the portfolio now,” he says. “What we offer is fast economical access to great products out of Miami. And for the Caribbean islands and Latin America that is key.”