Travel accessory expert Go Travel commences U.S. production of its pillow lines

Following an unprecedented rise in travel pillow sales, accessories expert, Go Travel has undertaken pillow manufacture in the USA.  The move, which saw first production roll off the lines in Spring 2019, is primarily aimed at maintaining the accessory leader’s  high production standards while helping to satiate rapidly-increasing demand. Initially, US production will focus on Go Travel memory foam products, manufacturing a number of its revolutionary designs at the new facilities. In addition, to celebrate this new venture, Go Travel will also introduce a US-specific memory pillow, the American Dreamer.

Since Go Travel entered the US market 10 years ago, it has enjoyed year-on-year double-digit growth with pillows forming a large proportion of sales. Keen to support American manufacture and develop jobs for US citizens, the brand has been exploring options for US production over the last couple of years to meet the dramatic upturn in sales. The shift in manufacture has also been undertaken in an effort to keep pricing stable and competitive across the Americas, overcoming issues linked to political uncertainty and economic instability. Another benefit of the new US facilities is improving the brand’s carbon footprint, as it no longer needs to ship space-hungry pillows from China.

Furthermore, with US manufacturing the company can assure reliability of supply in the region: “Go Travel works incredibly hard to ensure that they always have stock available,” Go Travel C.E.O. David Lomas tells TMI.

“Typically, Go Travel will not enter a region until it has all the logistics in place to fully support expansion. Once we are on the ground, we are always looking at ways to enhance service delivery and moves such as the shift to US production are part-in-parcel of guaranteeing the seamless service which our suppliers have come to expect. It’s why we are already known as the ‘go-2-guys’, a supplier that is always there to offer support, even in difficult times.”