Travel Markets Insider Newsletter Vol. 20 No. 12

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We hope that all of our readers around the world had a very joyous holiday and good start to the new year.


Latin America border developments


In an unexpected move, the countries of the Mercosur trading block issued a surprise decree harmonizing duty free border shop regulations right before the Christmas break. While industry association ASUTIL welcomed the move that levels the playing field among the member countries, the group decries that the authors of the edict did not allow the industry to consult on the proposal.


In addition, the decree includes a list of products restricted for sale on the borders, including a number of products that are traditionally sold in duty free, on which the Association will be seeking further clarification. See page 1. John Gallagher reports from Buenos Aires.




The US Government Shutdown, now entering its fourth week, could impact air travel. Miami International Airport has shut down a concourse in the South Terminal over the weekend, for fear it will not have enough TSA officers to man all the check-points as higher numbers of federal workers call in sick. TSA officers are among the personnel required to report to work, even as they are not being paid. See page 2 for MIA’s travel tips for passengers during the shut-down.


New Mexico City Airport cancellation confirmed. Mexico’s new President, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, fulfills his campaign promise to shut down construction.

Page 3




IATA reports solid but moderating passenger demand in November. Page 2


Grenada reaches milestone half million tourist arrivals. Page 4


Argentina: Total passenger traffic rises 6.9%, but growth slows from 2017. Page 4




There is a changing of the guard at Hudson Group as long time CEO Joseph DiDomizio leaves the company. Page 1


Christine Martin, founder of ISPY, joins Ethos Farm as Director of business Development. Page 3


Former Estée Lauder executive Dominique Chevallier embarks on a new career.

Page 4




Ryan Reynolds chosen as the new face of Armani Code fragrance. Page 5


Sazerac partners with Casa San Matias to introduce Los Vecinos del Campo Mezcal. Page 5


The Macallan “makes the call” with its first global advertising campaign. Page 5