Travel Markets Insider Newsletter Vol. 23 No. 6

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In this special issue of the Travel Markets Insider newsletter, publisher Lois Pasternak speaks with IAADFS President & CEO Michael Payne about the 2022 Summit of the Americas taking place at the Palm Beach Convention Center in Florida on April 10-13.

With the Summit a little less than two months away, questions and challenges abound as the show organizers tackle a new venue and a new format, not to mention an industry devastated by the lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Michael Payne speaks candidly with TMI about the reasoning behind the changes and the Association’s efforts to meet the industry’s needs in this time of uncertainty.

One important change is a dedicated networking area for attendees who will not have an exhibit booth or meeting room, but still wish to conduct business. This area is in addition to several social networking activities. See further details on page 2.

 Content sessions will also play a much more important role than they have in the past, says Payne. These sessions are designed to cover an array of topics that should be of real value for attendees and help in managing their business. 

We hope that everyone will support the Summit this year and are sincerely appreciative to those exhibitors who have stepped up to be a part of this event. We are all in the travel business and we need to do whatever we can to come together and re-focus on our industry and how to move it forward,” concludes Payne. 

This will be the first time the Summit has been held live since 2019. Registration is currently underway, with early bird discounts in effect through Feb. 25.