Travel Markets Insider Newsletter Vol. 24 No. 16

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This special issue of Travel Markets Insider reports on Breaking News from the U.S./Canada border, which is finally opening fully after three years of closure and restrictive border measures.

The Frontier Duty Free Association has been working tirelessly all of this time to restore the full border opening and to protect its land border operator members, who have been disproportionately penalized by the restrictive measures.

The FDFA declared yesterday Duty Free Day on the Hill as 16 members of the Association met with at least 35 government officials in Ottawa to advocate for their members to ensure such a closure does not happen again. See news on page 1.

TMI’s Lois Pasternak had an opportunity to speak with FDFA Executive Director Barbara Barrett and FDFA President Tania Lee about their efforts on Parliament Hill. See exclusive interview on page 2.

In very sad news, the duty free industry has lost another member of the “family.” Len DaSilva — Senior Vice President and COO of West Coast Duty Free in Canada for nearly two decades — has died. See page 1.