TSA security measures for US-bound passengers expand to include powders

DutyFreeWorldCouncilThe Duty Free World Council has announced that the Unites States Trans-port Security Administration (TSA) has instituted new security measures that apply to US-bound passengers carrying powder-like substances in quantities of 12 ounces/350g and over.

The new regulations became effective on June 30, 2018.

These products include flour, sugar, ground coffee, spices, powdered milk (such as baby formula) and cosmetics, which will not be allowed in the cabin of the aircraft in quantities of 12 ounces and above, and may be subject to confiscation at the boarding gate.

The restrictions will not apply on these products bought in duty free and travel retail, however, provided that they are packed in properly sealed STEBs (Sealed Tampered Evident Bag) with accompanying proof of purchase.

Commenting on the measure, DFWC President Frank O’Connell said: “I am pleased that TSA will allow for the use of STEBs for powders in addition to LAGs which may be allowed through the checkpoint and transported in the cabin of an aircraft. This will enable retailers to continue operating smoothly and should ensure the satisfaction of our customers.”

DFWC has issued recommendations to support retailers with the implement-tation of the new measures, which are available upon request.