Courvoisier celebrates Paris heritage with GTR exclusive Artisan Edition

CourvoisierArtisanBeam Suntory is launching a new GTR exclusive cognac range –Courvoisier Artisan Edition—which celebrates Courvoisier’s Parisian heritage that goes back to 1889 when Courvoisier was served at the opening of the Eiffel Tower.

Courvoisier Artisan Edition launched with a month long interactive experience at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport beginning May 3. The event incorporated education, tastings, digital interaction and immersive elements. The activation featured the archways of the Eiffel Tower and includes a virtual lift, traditional Parisian bar and photo booth.

Additional activations will follow in Milan, Stockholm, Vienna, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Munich between April and July.

The Artisan Edition focuses on the three distinctive types of oak casks used to create the expressions and the important influence the wood has on the final spirit.

Courvoisier, the second largest cognac brand in global travel retail, says it hopes to lead the cognac category as an alternative to classic single malt Scotches by focusing on its craft credentials and luxury cues.