Diesel Fragrances and Brazilian football star Neymar Jr. team up to create new fragrance

Diesel Fragrances has teamed up with Brazilian football star Neymar Jr. to create a new men’s fragrance. He is the first celebrity from the world of sports to front a Diesel fragrance.

 The collaboration reflects Diesel Fragrances’ vision of modern masculinity and bravery, and is a testimony to Neymar Jr.’s journey from his childhood days playing football in the poor neighborhood of Jardim Glória to his rise to global fame.

Neymar Jr., with around 250 million followers on social media, is ranked in the top ten of the world’s most famous celebrities. He is known for his optimism, determination, and loyalty to family and friends – elements that make him a true role model for the young generation.

Neymar Jr. was involved with all aspects of the fragrance, from its initial creation to the story of the soon to be unveiled campaign. He was also involved with creating the bottle, the juice, and the recent announcement on Instagram.

“I took part in the most important decisions,” said Neymar Jr. “It had to be a daring fragrance, and it also had to be related to what I like. I wanted a fragrance telling my own story and what bravery means to me.”

The release coincides with Neymar Jr.’s first decade as a professional athlete, and it also marks the 10th anniversary of Only The Brave, Diesel’s signature fragrance for men. According to Neymar Jr., “You have to have bravery in life if you want to achieve great things, no matter what professional area you are in.”

 The full campaign, starring Neymar Jr., will debut on May 19.

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