GMAX to launch Taffix anti-viral protective spray into TR

Garry Maxwell of GMAX Travel Retail is launching the highly rated Taffix Nasal Spray into the global travel retail market as an effective personal anti-viral protection against coronavirus and other viruses.

Taffix is produced by Nasus Pharma and is the latest weapon in the war against the global pandemic. The unique powder spray gently shifts the PH level in the nose by creating a micro-thin layer of gel which helps to kill the virus. It works in 50 seconds and can provide protection for up to five hours.

“Face masks clearly help prevent infections, but they do not offer complete 100% protection. Taffix provides that additional layer of protection at a minimal cost of around 10 cents per day,” says Maxwell.

‘‘Taffix is perfect for the traveler and is particularly useful in high-risk settings such as public transport, shops, airlines, schools, etc … any enclosed spaces.’’

Explaining further, Maxwell tells TMI: “The product has been developed in Israel and is basically a nasal powder spray that produces a protective gel lining in the nose where most viruses develop. The idea is to spray each nostril twice per day or as required and it lasts for around 5 hours.

“This means in conjunction with wearing masks as required you have an extra layer of protection that makes you virtually 100% safe,” he said.

Tests in the University of Virginia, USA found the spray destroyed 99% of COVID virus cells in laboratory conditions. A real-world trial at a super-spreader event showed it cut the odds of COVID infection by 78%.

“The advice is to continue to wear masks but increase your protection dramatically by using Taffix,’’ noted Maxwell, who launched his company last year after Premier Portfolio, which he joined in 2002 and was International Sales Director, shut down due to the pandemic.

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