Heinemann Americas, Inc. and Bolloré Logistics announce first North American partnership

The Heinemann Americas and Bolloré Logistics Americas teams
at the launch of their new partnership in the Americas.

Florida-based Heinemann Americas and international transport and logistics company Bolloré Logistics, launched their first-ever partnership in the Americas on May 20. After years of successfully working together in international markets, this new partnership positions both U.S.-based subsidiaries to continue their impressive growth in the region.

“With Heinemann Americas’ continued expansion in the U.S. cruise market, we needed a logistics and warehouse partner that could provide the resources, expertise, and space to support these new ventures,” said Nadine Heubel, CEO of Heinemann Americas. “When exploring potential partners for our Miami-based operations, Bolloré was the clear choice – and we are excited to be working with them.”

Since Heinemann Americas, the subsidiary of international duty free company Gebr Heinemann, opened its Miami office nearly seven years ago, it has become a major player in the U.S. cruise market.

Heinemann has secured partnerships with some of the world’s largest cruise lines including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, MSC, and Princess.

To meet the logistics needs of these new and expanding contracts, HAI selected Bolloré Logistics to manage its stateside warehouse.

Heinemann Americas CEO Nadine Heubel at launch of new Heinemann Americas and Bolloré partnership.

Heubel cited Bolloré’s long history of success, commitment to green and sustainability-focused initiatives, and state-of-the-art inventory management systems as some of the reasons behind this selection.

“We are thrilled to add Heinemann Americas to our list of prominent partners in our Miami regional travel retail hub,” said Yves Laforgue, CEO Americas of Bolloré Logistics. “HAI and Bolloré Logistics are sharing the same values of excellence, sustainability and customer centricity and we are excited to be working closely together and support each other’s continued success in the Americas.”