High tech Travalo Milano offers luxury, customer convenience

Travalo is bringing a high tech, higher priced luxurious version of its popular perfume atomizer to Cannes. The Travalo Milano atomizer, first launched at TFWA Asia Pacific
 show, uses a new interchangeable system that allows customers to change out their fragrances with compatible inner vials. Users can now alternate fragrances without cleaning the Travalo or waiting for the fragrance to run out.

Travalo Milano is offered to Travel Retail in three exclusive colors: orange, hot pink, and blue. With a higher price point of RRP $49, the new Travalo uses high definition spray head technology and refills directly from any standard perfume bottle through the patented
S pump-fill 

 will introduce 
exclusive gift
 items based
 on the Milano.
The Milano is
 listed on USAirways, American Airlines and Air Canada.