IAADFS teams up with m1nd-set and Blueprint for GenZ RedY workshop

The International Association of Airport and Duty Free Stores (IAADFS) will hold a GenZ RedY workshop in collaboration with m1nd-set and Blueprint that will provide insights into the young generation’s travel retail shopping behavior.

The workshop will be hosted as a webinar on Wednesday, May 29, at 10:00 am EST (UTC-5:00). m1nd-set will share detailed consumer insights on GenZ shopper behavior in travel retail, with a specific focus on North American shoppers, across a wide range of themes.

Elements of the presentation will include: GenZ attitudes and behavior; travel and booking habits; performance indicators including footfall, conversion and purchase rates; and drivers and barriers to footfall and conversion

Other key areas of focus will include shopping basket details, encompassing categories purchased, share of wallet, as well as promotion and exclusives buying behavior.

m1nd-set will also discuss sales staff interaction and the importance of sustainability to GenZs in travel retail, while Blueprint will provide case studies across the various themes covered by m1nd-set’s insights to showcase how brands are engaging with the younger generation and how these consumers are reacting. The workshop will include time for webinar participants to submit questions to m1nd-set and Blueprint.  More details about the workshop and the link to register can be found at www.iaadfs.org/GenZRedY.

Michael Payne, IAADFS President and CEO, welcomed the initiative, stating, “We believe it is essential for our industry to remain ahead of the curve, especially with these younger generations whose behavior is so different to that of other generations, even Millennials.”

He added, “It has never been so important to keep abreast of consumer trends given the fast pace of change in consumer behavior and how GenZs are influenced differently from one region to another. We are delighted to partner with m1nd-set and Blueprint for this bespoke event for IAADFS, which will bring huge value to our members and other participating industry stakeholders.”

This workshop is open to all members of IAADFS and other interested industry stakeholders, and there is no cost to participate.. NOTE: Only those who register using the registration link — www.iaadfs.org/GenZRedY  — will receive access to the workshop.