IFE Lux Group inks partnership with Italian luxury brand Graziella & Braccialini

Dario Pastorelli’s IFE Lux Group has begun a partnership with Italian luxury handbag and jewelry company Graziella & Braccialini to launch the brand in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Bermuda and Central America.

The partnership will begin with the presentation of the Spring Summer 2022 collection through a group of strategic locations, which are part of IFE Lux network.

IFE Lux will be exhibiting and presenting the Spring-Summer 2022 collection at the MIPEL Show in Milan and at the COTERIE Show in New York, which are running at the same time from September 19-21.   

“My goal is to introduce Braccialini not only in the USA and Canada Market but in Central America and the Caribbean including possibly cruise line representation as well,” Pastorelli tells TMI.

     Braccialini, founded in 1954, is one of Italy’s most recognized and successful leather goods companies, creating handbags adorned with fantasical, fun and colorful images. Since 2017, Carla Braccialini’s legacy has been renewed by the jewelry-making company Graziella, resulting in the company’s unique and innovative combination of bags and jewelry.

“For some time we have been looking for a partner that is able to convey the excellence of Graziella Braccialini, the craftsmanship and the philosophy of the brand ‘made in Italy’,” says Eleonora Gori, export manager of Graziella Braccialini.

“IFE Lux, based in Miami, has been collaborating for years with the main retailers in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Bermuda and Central America with the mission of making some of the best Italian brands known overseas, specifically from Tuscany.

“Together with IFE Lux we will take Braccialini to the best department stores and trendy boutiques, for a gradual and strategic development,” she said.

IFE Lux will support Graziella Braccialini through fairs, meetings, events with the main operators in the fashion world, focusing on high-end products such as the iconic Audrey and Temi bag, emblematic and representative of the Graziella Braccialini maison, confirmed Pastorelli.