Mars Wrigley ITR revamps Minis based on consumer research

Mars Wrigley International Travel Retail (MITR) is revamping Mars, Twix, Milky Way, Bounty and Snickers brands mini bars for the travel retail channel based on category insights and consumer research. The company says the new Minis portfolio has been produced in response to Mars Wrigley’s understanding of traveler needs – specifically, meeting traveling consumers with great brands at the price points that they want to buy.

MITR’s category vision is designed to meet the four key reasons for confectionery purchase: Recharge, Reward, Celebrate and Connect.

MITR says that Connect, especially, is all about the importance of social bonding, accounting for 50% of purchases, and that its new Minis portfolio is the ideal offer to take advantage of that.

According to MITR’s research, handle pouches and bags now account for more than one third of confectionery category spending.

Raghav Rekhi, Category Director Mars Wrigley ITR said: “Developing new and valuable ways of engaging with travel retail buyers is something we have invested a great deal of thought to.

“Our ‘Connect’ strategy in travel retail is a huge part of that, as those shared moments are a proven driver of sales. To appeal to those buyers looking for something new we need to keep our offer fresh – with new products and new twists on existing products that we know drives impulse purchases. We believe our new Minis portfolio delivers on that.

“By understanding how best to tailor our innovations specifically to travel retail we can not only revitalize the category as a whole – we can give consumers something different, something exciting and new ways to connect. Providing opportunities to create from the airport shopping experience unexpected moments to share and enjoy with friends and loved ones.”