MIA to close terminal over weekend in response to Federal government shutdown

The partial shutdown of the US Federal Government, now in its 23rd day, is having an impact on air travel in the nation. Workers have now missed their first paychecks.

Miami International Airport, “as a precautionary measure due to uncertainties created by the lapse in federal government funding,” has instituted a number of “travel tips” to help passengers deal with changes at their security checkpoint and departure gate this weekend.

Reportedly, mass sickouts by TSA officers, who are required to work without pay during this time, are double the normal number, and have led MIA officials to close Concourse G from 1 p.m. on Saturday. Flights that were previously scheduled to depart from G on Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be relocated either to Concourse F or Concourse H.

MIA does not anticipate any significant impacts to flight schedules or the passenger experience from any gate changes, said the official airport statement, but the airport did issue a list of suggestions to make traveling through MIA easier at this time.

Overall, there are about 800,000 government workers working unpaid across the country, including air traffic controllers.

More than 24,000 FAA employees are working without pay, since their positions are considered vital for “life and safety,” reports the Washington Post.