New Watch Distributors Directory invites the travel retail sector to share in its unique data base to facilitate networking for the industry

The global watch industry has launched a comprehensive data- base of international watch distribution, which is supported by the prestigious Baselworld as its exclusive institutional partner.

The Watch Distributors Directory has been designed to offer easy and precise access that will facilitate networking watch brands with distributors around the world. The Directory will allow distributors to identify for their market the watch brands with the best potential for development through a database that covers more than 100 markets, more than 1,600 distributors, and more than 1,000 watch brands in a secure B2B electronic directory.

The Directory management has appointed well known travel retail expert Mark Lewis-Jones as Head of Business Development for the Caribbean & Latin America.

Mark Lewis-Jones

“Distributors who service the duty free, border store, cruise ship, and overall travel retail sector are welcome to be listed in the Watch Distributors Directory,” Lewis-Jones tells TMI, pointing out that there is no cost to distributors to be listed.

Watch Distributors Directory is an official partner with Europa Star Magazine (90 years of continual publication on the watch industry) and Baselworld, he says.

Interested parties may contact Lewis-Jones me at


“It’s no coincidence that this network is coming into being today. At a time when watch distribution is being put to the test, when traditional channels are being rethought, when the role of distributors is being challenged and the share of sales directly with the end customer is growing, whether through directly operated stores or through e-commerce, the aim of the directory is to create a reliable resource, helping watch brands and distributors to connect effectively,” says the Directory publishers.

The founders of the Watch Distributors Directory are Thierry Huron and Thomas Baillod.

Thierry Huron heads up The Mercury Project, a data-driven consulting firm focusing on the watch and jewelry retail sector. Huron formerly led TAG Heuer’s international marketing strategy, where he identified the need for a global and reliable source of Business Intelligence information in the watch industry and initiated numerous programs in this area

Thomas Baillod is the founder of the Watch Trade Academy, the first academy dedicated to international watch distribution. Baillod, has extensive experience in watch distribution worldwide and is a lecturer at several Masters in Switzer-land and abroad.

Michel Loris-Melikoff, Managing Director of Baselworld said: “Baselworld is building a whole digital community that should be able to benefit from a range of professional services throughout the year.

“By supporting the launch of the Watch Distributors Directory, I support the brands’ efforts to find the best partners in the markets, not only through meetings during the show, but also by facilitating access to reliable information throughout the year to identify the best possible matchmaking. We are continuing our work to transform the show and continue to make Baselworld the best business platform for the watchmaking eco-system.”

The database is accessible from the Watch Distributors Directory site: