Perfumes y Diseño to expand fragrance portfolio with new licensing agreement with Spanish fashion house El Ganso

Spanish fashion house El Ganso and Madrid-based beauty company Perfumes y Diseño have signed a licensing agreement for PYD to create and market a line of perfumes.

El Ganso, known for its fun and elegant designs, operates almost 180 retail outlets across 9 countries including France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, England and more. The company is looking to further expand internationally in the retail sector and extend its product line, introducing its own range of fragrances.

The PYD group creates and distributes perfumes for various Spanish and international businesses, inducing Spanish brands Tous, Desigual, and DelPozo, as well as creating luxury perfumes for Starck Paris. It also distributes other groups’ brands in more than 80 markets and has branches and offices in 10 countries.

“Developing a new business line within El Ganso, we needed the guarantee of a company with proven success in the perfume industry. We have understood each other very well because we share the principles of quality above all, as well as freedom in design,” commented Álvaro Cebrián, consultant and co-founder of El Ganso.

“In PYD we seek out exciting challenges. Brands with a clear identity that want to reach a new audience, as well as existing customers, through their perfume. El Ganso is a bold company with a respectful team, but one that is not afraid to break the rules. They are conquering the world with their youthful and carefree designs and we want to be by their side sharing this success,” said PYD president Pedro Trolez.