Brown-Forman announces $1 million donation for COVID-19 response funds

Brown-Forman Corporation announced a donation of $1 million to COVID-19 response funds. The donation supports multiple locations and agencies as the company assesses community and industry needs and identifies the best ways to support those impacted by COVID-19. Brown-Forman partnered with the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation to support their COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund. As part of this partnership, the […]

MSC-owned Splendid arrives in Genoa as floating hospital

Last Monday, MSC Group’s ferry ship Splendid was delivered to Genoa after being converted into a “floating hospital” ship to sup-port the coronavirus battle going on in Italy. These beds will be used for patients recovering from COVID-19 before returning home. Operated by ferry liner GNV, Splendid has been converted into a fully-equipped facility to assist COVID-19 […]

Status of Canadian border stores after closing of border with U.S.

The U.S. and Canadian governments agreed to close their shared border to non-essential traffic on Wednesday, March 18. While some stores that serve commercial trucks carrying essential goods have remained open, most others have closed. Barbara Barrett, Executive Director of Canada’s Frontier Duty Free Association confirmed to TMI that CBSA (the Canada Border Services Agency) […]

IAADFS adds its plea for concessionaire relief as airlines seek $50 billion U.S. bailout to survive coronavirus turbulence

A bipartisan coalition of governors and mayors from across the country joined with the entire U.S. aviation industry in a joint letter last Thursday to U.S. Congressional leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives urging the Administration and Congress to work swiftly to provide financial stability for the U.S. airline industry. The International Association […]

IAADFS petitions airport partners for relief in face of COVID-19 passenger collapse

Washington, D.C.-based industry trade group IAADFS (International Association of Airport Duty Free Stores) today sent a letter to its airport partners throughout the region, requesting that airports suspend guarantee payments that are based on minimum passenger numbers for the duty free and travel retail stores that operate in the airport, resulting from the “rapid freefall […]

m1nd-set: Travel retail revenues to take unprecedented hit following US and Italy Coronavirus measures

The U.S. ban on traffic from Schengen countries across Europe will result in a drop in traffic of over 3.5 million passengers over the two month period, reports Swiss research agency m1nd-set, who has analyzed the impact on air traffic across affected countries, following the United States’ unilateral travel ban on air traffic from Europe. […]

Nearly 2 million airline seats affected by new Europe to U.S. travel ban, says OAG

Travel data provider OAG estimates that the Europe to United States travel ban announced by U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday night, not surprisingly, will have far-reaching implications for the global aviation industry. OAG says that the ban will affect 10.9% of all international flights and 16.9% of all scheduled international seats between the United […]

Caribbean Tourism and Health stakeholders forge alliance to safeguard visitors and residents from Covid-19

NOTE: As we prepare to “go to press”, the first two cases of the coronavirus COVID-19 in the Caribbean have been confirmed on the island of French Saint Martin. These persons are currently in isolation at the hospital on the French side and will remain there for 14-days according to the Prefecture. Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs on […]

The IWSR announces plans to launch a Risk Assessment Model for the Coronavirus

IWSR Drinks Market Analysis has revealed plans to launch the IWSR Coronavirus Risk Assessment Model (CRAM). Available from Q2 2020, and updated quarterly, the IWSR Coronavirus Risk Assessment Model will quantify the virus’ impact to the global beverage alcohol market, including scenario forecasts for the short, medium, and long-term. IWSR will leverage its footprint of […]

Coronavirus to wipe US$8.3bn off APAC duty free market in 2020, says GlobalData

The recent coronavirus scare has dramatically altered the dynamics of the APAC duty free market, according to research from GlobalData. GlobalData expects the APAC duty free sales to reach US$35.2bn, which is 19.1% lower than the original (pre-coronavirus) forecast. They forecast that US$5.5bn will be lost from South Korea’s 2020 forecast and US$1.5bn from China […]

Coronavirus Update: deaths pass 1,300; virus gets an official name; TFWA still preparing to hold Asia Pacific event; cruise lines expand ban; SFO comment; Chinese consulate holds press briefing in Los Angeles

The attention of the world continues to be on China and the threat of the spreading coronavirus. The death toll from the outbreak rose above 1,300 on Thursday, and infections world-wide are approaching 60,000. The vast majority of cases remain in mainland China; outside of China, the biggest cluster of cases are on the Princess Dream cruise ship […]