Bijoux Terner revitalizes, expands under new ownership

As part of the new corporate revitalization, Bijoux Terner was shooting a new advertising campaign on location in Miami this summer. New CEO Carlos Cohen is flanked by Amy Lipson, Head of Product Development, left of Cohen, and Allison Vorcheimer, Director of Marketing & Merchandising, on the right, along with two of the models in the new campaign.

Iconic travel retail and resort lifestyle brand Bijoux Terner is undergoing an expansion into the U.S. domestic and Caribbean retail locations and online sales, increasing its presence beyond the airports, ports and cruise lines where the brand first launched back in 1997.

   The company recently changed ownership, being acquired by a group of businessmen who purchased the company from the investment firm which had bought a majority share of the company from founder Solomon “Moni” Terner back in 2006. At its height, under Moni and daughter Rosa Terner, Bijoux Terner was in some 700 travel retail locations worldwide.

   The new company, Bijoux America, will retain the renowned Bijoux Terner brand name and merchandising concept.

   The new owners are focused on revitalizing the brand, investing in marketing and its innovative distribution strategy, and bringing the brand to more retail locations and other channels. As in the past, the product portfolio encompasses bags for every occasion – from canvas beach totes to glittery evening clutches; textiles from beach cover-ups to shawls; watches for every fashion style; a full collection of jewelry; and travel and other accessories from sunglasses and fedoras to neck pillows, and more.

   All products are exclusively designed and driven by extensive trend and market research, with cross-merchandising and increased UPT (items per customer) in mind.

   According to Bijoux America’s new CEO, Carlos Cohen, the company currently offers a limited assortment on 3rd party marketplaces, including Amazon, but the forthcoming Bijoux Terner e-commerce site will offer an expanded digital offering “empowering customers with more choices and convenience,” he said.

   “The new ownership is really investing in growing the company even bigger than it once was,” says Cohen. “We’re hiring new people. We’ve put in a new head of marketing, we’re improving the SEO, and we are expanding onto other islands.

   “Our vision is to reach every consumer in the world– while maintaining the essence in which the Bijoux Turner concept was built.”

   A key hallmark of Bijoux Terner has always been the single price point strategy, which will persist to retain the essence of the brand’s history, said Cohen. The company will also add an enticing promotional offer (ie. “two for XX”) to encourage customers to mix and match their favorite items. 

   At the current time in the U.S., items are priced at $15 each, and two for $25.

   “We are thrilled to extend the accessibility and recognition of the Bijoux Terner brand beyond the travel retail space,” said Allison Vorcheimer, Director of Marketing & Merchandising. “Our valued customers can now forge deeper connections with the brand, eliminating the need to wait for their travel adventures to indulge in our products!” 

   “We’re always innovating and bringing in new products within the category of resort lifestyle travel accessories. As new trends emerge, we’re always introducing new items, but we’re not walking away from our lifestyle concepts,” explains Vorcheimer. “And with people traveling so much they are buying on impulse, and buying more than ever.”

TMI was on location with Bijoux Terner during the campaign shoot.
Photo by Michael Pasternak.

While not confirming where the new domestic Bijoux Terner locations will be found at this time, Cohen says that the brand will be partnering with some of the major retailers in the U.S.

   “My vision is to reach every consumer in the world from Europe to Asia, throughout the Americas, Caribbean and Duty Free,” said Cohen. With 15 years of business development and marketing strategy, 12 of them in senior positions at Procter & Gamble, Cohen has a proven track record in driving consumer insight and executing commercial marketing management campaigns, further enhancing brand awareness.  

   To achieve this vision, Bijoux Terner will field a sales team focused on building partnerships with customers and providing detailed business analysis to assist in maximizing sales.

   Today there are about 300 Bijoux Terner locations worldwide operated by licensing partners in airports, ports, borders, hotels, casinos, local market malls, and onboard cruise ships, including two stand-alone Bijoux Terner stores in Atlanta airport and in travel retail locations throughout Latin America, including in Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay.

   “Since the new owner started to launch in new markets year we have been growing two times what our initial numbers were. So the company is seeing a lot of movement, a lot of attraction with people reaching out to start selling our brand,” concluded Cohen.

   “I think the most important thing is really offering value to the customer and fashion at an incredible price. We are committed to this,” he promises.