Innovation and quality spur Illva Saronno brands to awards and top-trending levels

Italian drinks leader Illva Saronno SpA has enjoyed exciting growth and wide-spread global recognition over the past few years.

Through a strong focus on innovations, the producer of the iconic Italian liqueur Disaronno has achieved impressive results using a two-pronged approach: first, by consolidating its core strongholds like Disaronno Originale and Tia Maria by reinforcing their communication to consumers and introducing innovative line extensions; and second, by working on expanding its horizon through recruiting consumers in new categories and new markets.

According to Alvaro Escribano, Illva’s Regional Director WE & LATAM – GTR Wines & Spirits, Disaronno’s communications efforts have led the brand to become “a global symbol for Italian sophistication.”

He explains: “[Disaronno’s] new line of communication, as global ambassador of ‘The Endless Dolce Vita,’ and the wide adoption of Disaronno Velvet Cream Liqueur, a creamy and smooth liqueur with the unmistakeable taste of Disaronno, allowed the brand to enter for the first time in the Bestselling and Top Trending liqueur brands in the World (Drinks International).

Escribano tells TMI that Illva is recruiting consumers in new categories and new markets by creating disruptive concepts able to engage consumers and through its high quality standards.

The Busker whiskey pairs authenticity and modernity

Among the most noteworthy developments, Illva Disaronno has launched a contemporary Irish Whiskey called The Busker. The recipient of a number of top awards, The Busker is produced in one of the biggest and most technologically advanced distilleries in Ireland.

“The Busker is a bold approach to Whiskey,” says Escribano. “The idea behind The Busker is to offer authenticity paired with modernity in a Top Quality full range of Irish Whiskeys. The Busker range includes Single Grain, Single Pot Still, Single Malt and the Blend.

“The focus of the company in creating top quality products and a Gold Medal design (World Whisky Awards), make The Busker stand out among its competition,” he noted.

ENGINE Gin wins with taste and design

Illva also recently entered a joint venture to develop worldwide ENGINE Gin, a disruptive Italian Organic Gin that combines the excellence of a well-rounded liquid and a stunning design. Instead of a classic glass bottle, the gin comes in a striking tin can evoking a container for engine oil.

ENGINE is a craft Organic Gin, produced in small batches with vacuum distillation and low temperature, using 100% Italian botanicals from organic farming, like Juniper berries from Tuscany, Lemons of Amalfi Coast or Sage from Portofino, paired with water from The Alps.

“Its careful elaboration and the quality of its natural ingredients, allow Engine a prominent position within the category, well ahead of its competitors in quality and design,” says Escribano.

“The product experience doesn’t end with the eye-catching and disruptive design of its can.  [The taste] maintains an excellent match to the olfactory savour with a slightly bitter finish of the sage leaves. 

     “This creates ideal balance with the finishing notes of liquorice roots, allowing a high concentration of totally natural aromas and perfumes,”  he adds. 

Tia Maria extensions

In another successful innovation, Illva Saronno relaunched Tia Maria Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and its line extension Tia Maria Matcha.

The company also launched a new product, RumP@blic, a rum created by bartenders for bar-tenders.

 “These developments have resulted in Illva Saronno SpA obtaining prestigious awards like Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Star Awards as Spirit Brand/Distiller of the Year 2021,” noted Escribano.

Italian Wine leader

In addition to its leading spirits brands, Illva Saronno SpA is also a global leader in the wine industry. Their Duca di Salaparuta Group owns three historic wine brands that represent Sicily and Italy worldwide: Corvo and Duca di Salaparuta, founded in 1824, and Florio launched in 1833, one of the most visited wineries in Italy.

Gathered into one group, the three wine brands together today constitute the largest private wine group in Sicily.

The Illva Saronno brands are represented in the Caribbean and select Americas markets by WEBB Banks.