Nestlé ITR innovates in Orlando with new product additions and 10 in 10 strategy

Nestlé International Travel Retail will be returning to the Summit of the Americas, where it will present new products and continue to capitalize on its ‘10 in 10’ strategy (booth 15).

New this year is the travel retail exclusive KITKAT Gold Traveler’s Limited in a special snack and sharing format that will be on shelf from Q2 2020.

 Nestlé is also extending its Nestlé Swiss tablet range with NESTLÉ SWISS Dark Blueberry 170g. The tablet combines dark Swiss chocolate made from sustainably sourced cacao with Blueberry, Almonds and Hazelnuts and is set to launch in March 2020.

Nestlé is also previewing a new London-themed presentation for NITR’s After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins. Available now, the giftable 400g travel retail box highlights the UK origins of the iconic chocolate by featuring the London skyline.

 NITR will also showcase its luxury Italian heritage Baci brand. The word Baci means “kisses” in Italian and the original dark Baci is popular in 55 countries. First crafted in 1922 in Italy, each chocolate is made of only 8 high quality ingredients wrapped in an iconic love note written in various languages to bring its message of love and affection to life for shoppers. Currently, the travel retail range includes four dark offerings: Baci Original Dark Bag, Baci Origi-nal Dark Bijou, Baci Extra Dark Bijou and Baci Original Dark Box in addition to Baci Milk Bijou.

These new products have been developed and launched to meet category growth drivers identified by research conducted for NITR, which form the basis for its 10 in 10 ambition. Launched last year, the 10 in 10 initiative – to double the size of the travel retail confectionery and fine foods category to $ in the next 10 years – sits alongside NITR’s SOUL approach: Story, Occasion, Unique, and Local.

NITR’s General Manager, Stewart Dryburgh, comments: “We have been extremely pleased with the positive response we’ve received from the majority of our customers to 10 in 10 and are looking forward to having in-depth discussions on this initiative with our retail partners in the Americas. NITR’s specific understanding of shoppers’ needs, following exclusive research into the buying habits of 34,000 consumers across 19 markets worldwide, are demonstrated by our new product launches and exciting new activation concepts that we look forward to sharing with our partners in what continues to be a vital region for NITR.”