Otis McAllister

Otis McAllister enters liquor distribution business through asset purchase of Chase International

Otis McAllister, Inc., the leading confectionery specialist in the Americas travel retail channel, is officially expanding into spirits distribution following its asset purchase of Chase International, Inc. The asset purchase became official on March 1. Chase International president and founder Chase Donaldson, whose spirits and confectionery distribution company has been a hallmark of the travel […]

Otis McAllister reaches critical mass as its confectionery business booms

Otis McAllister’s Travel Retail division has become a regional confectionery powerhouse, as it now represents five out of the top six global suppliers of confectionery in travel retail. TMI met with Otis McAllister’s Travel Retail Sales Directors Justin Nee and Marc Panara in their Fort Lauderdale office to talk about their division’s explosive growth. The […]